Especially recommended for ENT Microsurgery,
General Surgery

It provides a new and advanced answern in skin rejuvenation techniques
Unique system in the market specifically designed for collagen
Good results withno side effects
No invasive and virtually painless
Fast ROI
No downtime
Wide use : more photorejuvenation treatments
Ease of use
Quick learning curve

SmartXide² ENT

The SmartXide² Revolution: Absolute Precision and Control for the Most Advanced Microsurgery

The technological evolution and ongoing scientific research carried out in the DEKA laboratories and highly specialised world centres, have pushed the SmartXide² design beyond the current use boundaries with a decisive impact on ENT laser technology. DEKA innovative CO₂ RF laser source equipped with the exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology generates pulses especially designed for surgical applications (U-Pulse), and the use of lasers in total synergy with the HiScan Surgical scanning system. The synergistic interaction of SmartXide²: CO₂ RF laser source with PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology High precision robotic scanning system (HiScan Surgical) Micromanipulator with exclusive Hybrid technology Provides unparalleled performance of ENT applications

Clinical Results

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