Weightloss Without  Workout?

Effortlessly Fat Reduction Through  Neuromuscolar Stimulation

Supramaximal in-depth deep stimulation of the muscle inducing a strong metabolic reaction and a fat reduction (2.5 tesla intensity)
Effective on different body areas (buttocks, abdomen, hips, legs, arms) without dermo-epidermic involvement
Reduction of risk factors related to pre-obesity or abdominal obesity
Max comfort, completely painless procedure
Preset and tailored protocols
Easy to use, unmanned technology

Schwarzy’s Quick Wins:

Schwarzy acts on different body areas and in a few sessions it reduces localized fat, tones, volumizes the muscles and improves the postural aspect.

An electromagnetic field that interacts with the muscular tissues inducing contraction.
Schwarzy acts on different body areas and in a few sessions it reduces localized fat, tones and volumizes the muscles and improves the postural aspect

A Strong Stimulation that Boosts Strong Benefits

The purpose of the supramaximal stimulation activity of the muscle is to improve the tone and to evoke a strong metabolic reaction that induces a fat reduction.

Fat reduction can bring many benefits and health risks decreases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes and pregnancy problems.

Schwarzy works on different body areas with two handpieces effective for the abdomen, buttocks, hips, legs, arms.


(Focused Magnetic Stimulation)

A technology that triggers:

Supramaximal Contractions for in-depth Muscles Stimulation.

Intensive Lipolysis within fat cells.

Apoptosis following adipocyte injury that yields a desirable reduction in fat.

Muscle Thickening due to the stress of rapid nerve firing and fiber contractions.

Clinical Results

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