Especially recommended for ENT, Gyneacology

6 Scanning shapes adjustable in size and rotation: lines, circle curves (up to a full circle), spirals, hexagons, clover.
2 Operating modes: Depth Mode and Power Mode.
4 Scanning functions located on the joystick which allow the physician
Work without ever taking his eyes off the operating microscope: rotation
Size of the ablation figures, scan on/off, beam centering.
Dwell times selectable in Power Mode (from 200 μs to 300 ms).
Specific ENT and Gynaecology protocols.
Electronic Scanner Laser Ablation:
Technology that makes it possible to control ablation depth and coagulation percentage during the incision.

SmartXide HS

Power, Precision and Automation

A world leader in technological excellence, DEKA has designed SmartXide HS in line with criteria of simplicity, practicality and mini-invasiveness to guarantee micrometrical precision in microsurgical applications. The operating excellence of SmartXide HS stems from a combination of the most exclusive technologies: the scanner with incorporated HiScan Surgical management, the EasySpot micromanipulator and SmartPulse technology, act in synergy to facilitate the performance of all photoablative treatments while ensuring minimal invasiveness. The technological excellence of SmartXide HS makes it possible to treat numerous pathologies with mini-invasive methods, thus meeting the demands of patients for safer and more comfortable treatments and methods.

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