Compact & Slim HIFU for skin lifting & tightening

Acne scars
Pore minimization
Skin tone & Texture
Stretch Mark
Skin resurfacing
Reduce Wrinkles
Pigmented Skin
Burn injures

Ultra Won

uses a cutting-edge technolgy which penetrates into SMAS layer,
located in deep skin and effective for skin lifting and tightening.
High power of tranducer module is one of its strength which
makes short treatment time.


Ultrawon represents the ideal solution for those
working in Aesthetic field.

This economic price product offers premium
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology like
the world best HIFU system, Ultraskin.

It stimulates deep dermis area without any skin damages.
The stimulated dermis promotes the regeneration of elastic
fibers. Ultrawon is the best solution tightening.


ㆍSkin Lifting & Tightening
ㆍContraction of SMAS layer
ㆍNon-Surgical Face Lifting and Tightening
ㆍShort Treatment
ㆍSelective Treatment by Minimizing Skin Damage


ㆍFace Lifting & Skin Tightening.
ㆍLifting of SMAS Layer through HIFU
ㆍNon-Operation Face Lifting for Skin Tightening and Recovering
ㆍImage Transducer module and the Independence of HIFU Transducer.
ㆍShort treatment time, selective treatment for minimizing of skin damage.


 ㆍConvenience & Simple User Interface
You can get right into the procedure without any complicated settings
with this convenient and simple UI design.

ㆍActive Emergency System
The button prevents unnecessary malfunctioning of the system by blocking the power
of the laser output part rather than blocking the power of the entire device.

ㆍAdaptive Cartridge Parameter System
Just by inserting the cartridge into the hand piece sets to the optimum parameter
of the cartridge.

ㆍConvenience Moving Solution
The metal handle with an elegant design was created for frequent traveling,
and enables easy moving of the device with one hand.

ㆍSimple Storage
Storage space on front makes more comfortable for usage.

ㆍFlexible Cable
The flexible cable customized for user friendly provides the optimum
usability through flexibility and lightening.

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