Especially recommended for
Non-Ablative skin Photorejuven ation, Facial Wrinkles Reduction, Benign Pigmented Lesions, Skin Laxity

It provides a new and advanced answern in skin rejuvenation techniques
Unique system in the market specifically designed for collagen
Good results withno side effects
No invasive and virtually painless
Fast ROI
No downtime
Wide use : more photorejuvenation treatments
Ease of use
Quick learning curve

Key Principles

A new solution to meet the demands of professionals and patients who increasingly require effective procedures but non invasive, painless, without downtime or side effects.


Especially recommended forNon-Ablative Skin Photorejuvenation, Facial Wrinkles Reduction,Benign Pigmented Lesions, Skin Laxity

Specific Wavelength
Acting on Collagen (675 nm) RED Touch is the first system which has an elective absorbtion by collagen.

No Downtime Procedure
The epidermal layer is not damaged, this reduce the treatment side effects.

Rising Market Trends in
Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Need for new technologies that are able to provide users with either minimal or non invasive treatment sessions.

675 nm: Exploring a New
Selective Wavelength

RedTouch is the first and only system which uses this wavelength: a wavelength never used before and the first one to react with collagen. Compared to the systems currently on the market that target water, the Red Touch system acts directly on the collagen component contained at the dermal level.

Mechanism of Action

Microzones of thermal damage (about 1 mm diameter) induce animmedlate consecutive coll agen fibers denaturation that leads to neocollagenesis process. Due to an integrated cooling system and the 675 nm wavelength selectivity, the epidermal layer is not damaged. Thus minimizing the side effect and related downtime.

RedTouch Handpiece

(patent pending) at a Glance:

A New Advanced Scanner

The Red Touch handpiece, with an integrated scanner system, has been designed to get the best performance in transmitting energy to the skin with an optimized ergonomicity.

Clinical Results

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