Especially recommended for Wound Healing

It provides a new and advanced answern in skin rejuvenation techniques
Unique system in the market specifically designed for collagen
Good results withno side effects
No invasive and virtually painless
Fast ROI
No downtime
Wide use : more photorejuvenation treatments
Ease of use
Quick learning curve

SmartXide² WH

A New Light in Wound Healing Management

Diabetic foot ulcers and chronic venous ulcers are considered to be among the most difficult chronic wounds to treat as they typically do not respond well to standard wound closure approaches having an associated risk in minor or major amputations. The continuous DEKA’s innovation research has revolutionized the field of chronic wounds management thanks to SmartXide² surgical CO₂ laser. SmartXide² WH offers a great adjunctive treatment approach in wound therapy, particularly in difficult-to-heal cutaneous wounds, allowing clinicians to achieve unexpected results in wound closures as never before. The development of innovative RF CO₂ laser source with the exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology allowed DEKA to create a CO₂ laser system with high emission versatility and capable of generating pulses, especially designed for surgical applications (U-pulses). With the miniaturized EndoScan scanning system laser debridement is controlled electronically, improving precision ablation and reducing the risk of healthy tissue damage. By proper selection of laser technical parameters (such as power, pulse shape, frequency and scanning features), physicians can induce different effects on tissues, ranging from precise cut and/or ablation to deep and effective tissue regeneration enhancement.

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