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Effective with No Risk of Scarring

A tattoo consists mainly of an exogenous chromophore injected into the skin. The density and depth of the ink are the most important factors influencing the results of tattoo-removal treatment.

There are many different types of tattoos: ethnic, or class tattoos (which identify a group or social class), symbolic tattoos (sentimental, sexual, or religious), cosmetic tattoos, and traumatic tattoos. It is important to observe the tattoo carefully before starting to remove it because every tattoo requires different treatment depending on colour, depth and density of the pigment.

How it Works

The main feature of the Q-Switched laser is its capacity to generate an extremely powerful pulse (in mega watts) in very short times (few nanoseconds), producing a “photoacoustic” effect that shatters the tattoo pigment. 

The deep pigment is then eliminated through the phagocyted cells while the more superficial pigment is eliminated transepidermally. 

Finally, the pyrolytic alterations of the pigment caused by the laser make any residual pigment less visible. Such short laser emissions enable the thermal effect to be confined to the tattoo pigment – thus protecting the surrounding tissue.

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