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SANHE has built an excellent, world-wide beauty industry reputation not just for OEM/ODM manufacturing of top-value beauty and health equipment, but for comprehensive solutions. We beat most competition for price and features, and match top-tier suppliers through great visual design of the machines themselves. We best all comers, however, with excellent guarantees, clear and sincere communication, and localized service. Also notable is a flexible management structure, both allowing for and demanding independence, making us far more efficient and productive than most Asian suppliers.

That responsive and attentive service includes face-to-face training for SANHE distributors and operators, and on-site repair in the rare event it is needed. Those fine machines we sell and maintain fall into five main categories: devices for RF-based skin rejuvenation and deep wrinkle removal, for laser-based hair removal, for Low level laser based hair loss therapy, for Intense pulsed light based skin rejuvenation, and for laser-based removal of skin pigmentation.

Great processes, however, only lead to top results with equally great inputs. Despite rapid growth, SANHE therefore carefully selects new team members and then invests in them – as they constitute our most valued resource. We take special care with choosing and developing external partners and suppliers as well, and our continuous improvement philosophy applies to all collaborations inside and out.

For us, actions really do speak louder than words and we therefore simply seek in you an opportunity to prove ourselves – initially and over time. Our no MOQ policy is but one sign of our confidence, commitment, and sincerity. We welcome you as we look forward to that first meeting of many. 

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