Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skinsult

Loose jowls
Flattening of cheek bone area
Downturned mouth
Loose skin around the neck and eyes
Wrinkles around mouth

Ultra skin

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) stimulates
the SMAS Layer and deep dermis area without any skin damages.
The SMAS layer contracted by Ultrasound appears to be an immediate
Face lifting effect and stimulated detmis promotes the regenration of elastic fibers.
The more tightening the better lifting.

Optimized to effective

Skin Lifting & Tightening according to skin depth|
Deliver accurate and stable HIFU energy
into target layer dermal and SMAS layer


Located between subcutaneous fat and muscle (4.5mm beneath the fascia).

SMAS stands for Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System, it is a term frequently used to describe face lift techniques.

When skin is getting old, SMAS layer becomes weakened and stretched by gravity and it causes the wrinkles.


Face & Neck
Décolleté Rejuvenation
Crow’s feet improvement
Fine wrinkles
Eye lifting
Submental region
Nasolabial fold


Sagging Skin
Contouring(Arm fit / Saddlebag)


 Short treatment time *23% reduction compared to previous model
Cartridge: Max 30,000 line supported
User friendly Handpiece *light & comfortable
Contraction of SMAS layer through HIFU
Non-surgical face lifting and tightening
Selective treatment by minimizing of skin damage

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