Advantages compared with Laser or Surgical treatment

Non-surgical / Non-invasive
No ablation on the skin
Noticeable changes but natural
It delivers the precisely controlled energy
To targeted depth (1.5mm / 3mm / 4.5mm)

What is Ultra Tech for ?

ULTRATECH delivers HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) energy into superficial
dermis, deep dermis, and subcutaneous fat through 3 different depth catridge.
HIFU energy produces coagulation (thermal heat) in the skin, which promotes collagen
reproduction and tightening sagging skin up in the end.


  • Immediate result for tightening and lifting right after treatment
  • UltraTechhas accurate and uniform dot for safe and effective.
  • Noninvasive treatment
  • Easy to operate with Jog Dial
  • Fast scanning speed and 8 inch color full touch screen for easy operation.


1. Deliver the High strong focused ultrasound energy as fractionally.

2. The energy is penetrated at the SMAS layer (4.5mm) ,the n makes
Thermal coagulation.

3. Immediate tightening effect : Contract the skin cell with raise temperature of coagulation point over 65 degree.

 4. Skin regeneration & lifting effec by producing collagen and elastin.

UltraTech Cartridge.

1.5mm /3.0mm /4.5mm


Micro winkles

eyebrows, Nasolabial fold,

tightening, Lifting

Facial tightening, Lifting, Improve

Lifting, Improve elasticity

Clinical Results

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