The best entry level cabin for professional
full body treatments.

Real-time dosimetry with 4 UV sensors
Oval cabin layout for uniform exposure
Low-noise ventilation system
High efficiency with high purity aluminium reflectors
Dose limits to prevent severe overdosest
Safety door contact
Acrylic covers protect the UV tubes

N-LINE, MEDlight

The entry level model for professional full body therapies.
No compromises were made with this already proven design.


The reliable solution for professional full body treatments.
Equipped with 28 powerful UV tubes this cabin supplies top-class
efficiency and short therapy times.

Smart Design

This proven design is the result of our extensive experience with phototherapy equipment. A highly accurate dosimetry system, the unique lamp arrangement, and an optimised oval cabin layout that matches the human body; this cabin is setting new standards.


Personnel and patient safety are a top priority for this high-performance phototherapy device.  An intelligent safety concept ensures the reliable and safe operation at all times.


The cabin’s oval shape relates to the human body and enables an uniform
distance to the skin. The homogeneous irradiation helps preventing localized

Low running costs as the UV tubes last up to 500 hours,
and can save up to 5,600 Euro per year in tube replacements


Four sensors continuously measure the applied dosage and adjust the treatment time in real time. The precise measurement makes treatments safe
and predictable.

Future-oriented performance

The uniform light distribution on the patient’s skin is one of the most important
aspects for the whole body irradiation. For this reason, also for the entry level
model N-LINE, no compromises were made with regards to the design.
As already proven for the N-LINEpro, the N-LINE also has the same optimized
cabin geometry, to ensure uniform irradiation distances.

Depending on individual requirements, the MEDlight N-LINE can be equipped
with 28 tubes UVB (311 nm narrowband) or with 28 UVA tubes.
A combined version with both types of tubes, at a ratio of 14 / 14, is also possible.

Also with regard to the sensors, no concessions were made, so even the N-LINE
is equipped with four sensors, for real time measuring of the UV intensity.

The controller is integrated into a hand-held housing, and offers all basic functions for the intuitive operation of the system.

Available Options:


Psoriasis vulgaris, Palmoplantar Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis,
Dyshidrotic hand- and foot ekzema, Parapsoriasis en plaques

Atopic Dermatitis

UVB (311nm)
Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Parapsoriasis en plaques,
Prophylaxis of polymorphic light dermatosis, Vitiligo

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