The advantage of removing tissues

under ULTRA PLUS transmission mode

It provides a new and advanced answern in skin rejuvenation techniques
Unique system in the market specifically designed for collagen
Good results withno side effects
No invasive and virtually painless
Fast ROI
No downtime
Wide use : more photorejuvenation treatments
Ease of use
Quick learning curve

Adopt the leading ultra pulse technology in the world.

The real ultra pulse output mode, extremely small damage to the tissues, light carbonation, fast skin healing. All these make a great improvement to the clinical application and the application in cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

With the optional Pixel laser handpiece, it could be used to treat scars, smooth out wrinkles and for skin rejuvenation. With microscope adapter system, it could be used to do E.N.T surgery

360˚ rotating long light conducting system technology at present, which can make the operation more flexible and convenient.

Application Scope

It could be used to incise, cauterize, solidify and radial for tissue of human body. And it is also widely used in plastic department, dermatology, surgery, gynecology, ENT, nonnasality department.

Optional adapter, can be widely used in ENT department for the treatment of throat disease, such as early laryngocarcinoma, laryngeal polyps, vocal cord polyps within the pharyngeal, laryngeal stenosis, laryngeal hemangioma, epiglottic cyst.

Laser output mode: continuous, single pulse, repeat pulse, super pulse, with the optional pixel laser handpiece for Pixel laser output mode

Conducting system: seven joints longer articulated arm (the most advance conducting light system in the world and the only one in China). It could be operated in the scope of R=1.7m, which makes the operation more flexible

Therapy handpiece: multiple function handpiece and two kinds of focus lens for f=100mm and f=50mm. with the optional adapter. It could be used for orthopedic, gynaecology and ENT surgery.

Operation mode: controlled by a touch screen and with the engineer interface and the doctor interface.

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