Fractional CO2 Laser
Therapy Instrument

Short Treatment duration
No addition cosumables needed
Fractional Mode
Super Pulse cutting mode
5 kind of handiece tip
minimum pulse width is 0.1 ms


A-New Revolution in laser Cosmetology Field

Model KL CO2  fractional laser system transmits high energy to the skin and

form ordered aperture which can effectively stimulate collagen proliferation

and restructuring. This makes the skin tight, smooth and highly resilient.

The unique vertical output optical path technology is more secure compared

with the ordinary horizontal type output optical path. Small uniqueshape makes

the operation more convenient.


Under fractional mode
– Remove tiny wrinkles, improve deeper forehead wrinkles and stretch marks

– Remove acne and scar, especially for the acne scar, postoperative scar, frostbite scar

– Improve chloasma, treat skin superficial pigment diseases such as freckles, coffee spot, age pigment

– Improve light ageing skin and rough pores, thickening dermis

– Tightening vagina and treat uracratia disease Under super pulse mode incise and vaporize skin vegetations such as warts, nevus, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous adenoma, syringomas, etc.


Vagina treatments and nails fungus under

ultra pulse mode 

A perfect combination of ultra pulse output and fractional laser output, the two mode can be

shifted freely

Therapy Characteristics

Short treatment duration, minimized pain and  no consumables are needed.

The treatment effect can be seen within several  weeks after treatment and lasts for many years.

The diameter of each laser action point (ablated point)

is less than 0.075mm. With little trauma the patients

will recover quickly as the main treatment area remain

intact during operation, the patient can use cosmetic

on the second day after the treatment

Clinical Results

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