Fast, Practical and Effective:a Complete System for

Targeted and Selective Phototherapy

excimer light, MEL@308 nm
Low maintenance costs
Fast treatments performed thanks to the 30 cm² handpiece

Excilite µ

Progressive Action to Combat Vitiligo and Psoriasis: No Drugs, Painless, Rapid
The Excilite μ monochromatic excimer light, MEL@308 nm, offers the ideal solution for restoring well-being in just a few sessions

Excilite μ gives a great mix of advantages both to the patients and to the physicians:

  • A long lasting, clinically proven technology: DEKA invented the first MEL@308 nm system in the world in 2001

  • A safe wavelength that minimize side effects such as erythema and burns using the high selectivity of 308 nm wavelength

  • Keeps healthy skin untouched by selecting special filters that change the dimension of the irradiation area

  • Fast treatments times can be performed thanks to the 30 cm² handpiece

  • Low maintenance costs thanks to the long-lasting MEL@308 nm lamp source: over 5000 treatments lifetime

The Advantages of Excilite μ over the Traditional Phototherapy

Excilite μ combines the advantages of the traditional phototherapy with UV lamps (such as NB UVB or PUVA) and the phototherapy with excimer lasers. Excilite μ protects the healthy perilesional skin thanks to its special filters, it minimizes side effects such erythema and burns, it doesn’t require the use of drugs, the re-pigmentation process is faster and effective in all areas.

TExcilite μ in Comparison with Excimer Lasers

Like excimer lasers, Excilite-μ has a monochromatic emission with the same wavelength of 308 nm and high intensity (50 mW/cm²). However, compared to lasers, Excilite-μ offers significant advantages: treated areas are larger (30 cm² spot size), treatments are faster and the manteinance costs are strongly reduced.

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