Maxer company profile

Located in Tuttlingen Medical Endoscopy Cluster in Germany, Maxer is specialised in Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS). Maxer manufactures a wide range of endoscopic systems and instruments for Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Urology, Pediatric surgery, Arthroscopy, Spine Endoscopy and ENT surgery.
Maxer products are currently installed in 40 countries around the world with high level of customer satisfaction. Due to vibrant cooperation with end users, we can continuously improve upon the product ranges to increase efficacy of surgery. We believe that growth and innovation go hand-in-hand. Maxer is partnering with Ludwig Maximilan University (LMU) Munich and Technical University Munich (TUM) to bring multi spectral imaging and computer assisted surgery to operating room.

Maxer is focused on providing a complete system solution with emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, our growth and success are based on long term partnership with end users and distributors. 
Maxer is continuously searching for new ways to enhance surgical outcomes. The prime focus is laid on developments of game changing innovative technologies in video imaging. Maxer has applied for several patents in the past years.

> Vision Systems

      For the perfect surgical set up

Our philosophy is “Better Vision Makes Better Surgery”. Therefore the prime innovation focus lays on the development of high end
camera technology and precise endoscopes that deliver bright and pin-sharp images that make the difference. In MIS, surgeons can
only treat what they can see. A good vision is the key to patients safety and is only possible if all components of the system are of
high quality and harmonised together.

​Maxer offers all units that are necessary to meet the surgeons demand in modern MIS set up. We deliver full endoscopy systems with
a wide range of cameras, powerful LED light sources, high resolution chip-on-tip endoscopes, as well as insufflators and pumps for
minimum intervention during surgery as well as instruments to round up the endoscopic system.

Maxer Cameras

From Better Vision to Precision Surgery
Maxer offers a wide range of own developed High Definition endoscopy cameras. They can meet your expectation for perfection in vision
and quality with an excellent value for money. The camera is the “eye of the surgeon” and there is always the need for innovative and more
efficient visualization in a fast changing market. Therefore we are constantly developing new technologies together with our team of specialists,
professors and university partners.
Did you know that Maxer has been one of the foremost companies to bring out HD technology in Minimally Invasive Surgery field?
And with the Viron3 we present the first buttonless CCU, with preselected MIS programs and app controlled and with Viron X we enable
to achieve a new standard in precision surgery.

Third generation optics for high resolution
Maxer has been setting innovative standards with its high quality optical HD endoscopes. They are known for their third generation optics that
deliver high resolution, brightness and ensure optical clarity over the whole image.
It´s glass cone technology is unique and ensures a longer life of fibres. The laser welded joints give no chance of leakage and can withstand
numerous autoclavic cycles.
First class materials, state-of-art and 3 tube construction guarantees precision, increased stability and therefore longer durability.

System Components

Providing you with System Components to harmonize
perfectly with our Camera Systems

> Instrumentation


One of the fundamental principles of safe and successful laparoscopic surgery is a high quality vision. Starting point of this is the telescope. New Maxer HD plus and 4K laparoscopes help the surgeon to see much better, especially at the periphery.

With the excellent low light performance of the Maxer Camera Systems, a bright operating field can be maintained. This function is especially useful for mini-laparoscopy when using a 3 mm telescope.

A complete range of Instruments is available to compliment the Maxer Vision Systems. The range encompasses mono-polar and bi-polar instruments and manipulators.


Maxer offers complete range of lower track and upper track urology instrumentation. The most important highlights of Maxer urology range are the third generation HD cystoscopes  for enhanced clarity, depth of focus and high resolution and brightness all over the image.

Our Bimax 350 unit is suitable for bipolar saline resection and can also do bipolar electrothermal vessel sealing.

The cystoscope offers a high definition and high magnification image with optimum contrast. The sapphire cover glass on the tip is active soldered to provide excellent scratch resistance and sealing.

A complete associated instrumentation is available such as resectoscopes, mono-polar and bi-polar working elements, mono-polar and bi-polar electrodes, flexible instruments, etc.


Maxer hysteroscopy system offers you a wide range of high magnification and high definition hysteroscopes for better optical clarity, brightness & depth of focus.

The strength is office hysteroscopy with a diagnostic hysteroscopy system as small as 3 mm and an office resectoscope as small as 6 mm.


Maxer offers solutions that allow for precise diagnostic and therapy of ear, nose and throat. Latest technologies of cameras and endoscopes help to improve vision and maneuverability and facilitates more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Spine Endoscopy

Endoscopic spine surgery is a true minimally invasive procedure that has revolutionized the treatment of back and neck pain. Advanced imaging techniques, special medical equipment and surgical techniques are able to further reduce tissue/access trauma compared with other techniques like micro surgery.
​Maxer spine endoscopy has been on the market for years and we offer a wide range of spine instruments and also spine endoscopes made out of the latest generation rod lens system for excellent resolution and brightness.