Especially recommended forScars, Skin Surgery, Anti-Aging & Wrinkles,

Pigmented Lesions, Skin Tightening, Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation

HiScan DOT/RF- First scanning system integrates CO2 fractional laser with bipolar RF
5 SmartStack level
SmartTrack Randomised fractional scanning minimise temperature increases
5 Scanning figures adjustable in size and height/width ratio
PSD® Technology Pulse Shape Design technology shape: S, D, H, U-Pulse and the CW mode
Protocols designed for Aesthetic Dermatology
and other applications (as V2LR, Gynaecology and Dentistry)

SmartXide² DOT/RF

CO₂ laser + Radiofrequency: Combined Action, Total Rejuvenation Multifunctional CO₂ Laser Empowered with Radiofrequency (RF) Source and CO₂ Scanner with Bipolar Radiofrequency

Key of Strength in Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatological Surgery:

Gold standard for wrinkles and Skin flabbiness Maximum flexibility for any treatment area and skin type Top safety for sensible areas like neck, décolleté and periocular

Boosted results by PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology:

  • Minimum thermal damage

  • Least invasiveness

  • Quicker recovery time

A unique scanner for the new treatment of Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation that grants faster treatments for better results. Exclusive novelty of 2019!

Hi Scan DOT/RF – Perfect Tailoring to Each Patient’s Need

Thanks to an uncompromised versatility SmartXide Punto is capable of treating successfully and safely a full range of treatments: from the most superficial (i.e coolpeel) to the most complex case, such as scarring, surface pigmentation and deep wrinkles. Very delicate areas (as neck and eyelids) and even phototypes with a high PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) risk.

Customizable Operational Parameters:

  • Power. SmartXide² core is an RF CO₂ laser source available at 3 different maximum power: 40, 60 or 80W.

  • Pulse shape and time. The integrated PSD® technology can provide variable pulse duration, energy and peak powers. Four different selectable pulses (HPulse-SPulse-DPulse-UPulse) allows users to address any specific treatment condition from either different application fields (dermatology, gynecology and surgery) and skin type, to obtain superior results.

  • Bipolar Radiofrequency. The special spacers emit bipolar RF to generate selective heating with a deep and localized action on the skin in order to maximize tightening effect and reduce overall downtime.

  • Number of pulses. Thanks to the SmartStack Function, it is possible to perform a number of subsequent pulses in the same place (DOT) ranging from 1 to 5. This function makes SmartXide² DOT/RF one of the safest and most effective 

New scanning system for Laser-Assisted Hair
Transplantation procedures

Tricoscan™ is the CO₂ fractional laser scanning system designed to prepare the skin for follicular transplant and assist the trichologist in this delicate and long operation. Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation using Tricoscan™ brings undeniable advantages compared to the traditional technique:

– Procedure time reduced by 30%
– Facilitated bulb insertion
– Reduced needle deterioration
– Limited distortion of the scalp’s surface during follicular transplant 

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